How to get rid of genital warts

How to get rid of genital warts
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Do you know something about genital warts? I can say just one thing: 

This ugly cauliflower-like mass
Can be a real pain in the ass!

Genital warts (named also venereal warts) are small body-color growths found outside  and inside of genitals in both men and women. They can occur also inside (or around) the anus. Very rarely, genital warts can be found in the mouth or throat – in persons who has had oral sex with infected partner.

Genital warts are often compared to a cauliflower because they can form large clusters, looking very similarly to a head of cauliflower. They are painless, but they can hinder your sex life and cause pregnancy problems. Genital warts make you feel ashamed of your body. Over and above, if you hurt them, it may cause a bleeding and induce their spread (they can even turn to cancer after some time).

If you have venereal warts, do not panic. In this entry, you will find out how to get rid of genital warts. But at first we will speak about the cause of their occurrence.

Why do genital warts appear?

The cause is the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus is spread through direct contact, including sexual contact. Therefore, HPV is a kind of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and can be prevented by using a condom (even if you have one sexual partner). HPV infects skin and mucous surfaces. Sometimes it may live in skin for years – without any manifestations. But when something lowers your immunity – it can be a simple cold or stress condition – the virus begin to reproduce and it causes the venereal warts growth.

How to get rid of genital warts fast

What is the treatment for genital warts?

There are several ways to get rid of genital warts. Here are some of them:

–         Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen – an extremely low temperature makes the warts frozen. This is a painless and scarless method.
–         Electrocauterization– in opposite to previous method, electric current “burns” the genital warts. This way is more effective, but it is painful. Anesthesia is needed and scars may appear.
–         Laser ablation– warts are destroyed with an intensive beam of light. It is an extremely expensive method. It needs anesthesia and may cause scars.
–         Podophyllotoxin (or podofilox, Condylox) – it is a gel or cream, that can be applied by the patient (but it’s strictly recommended to consult a doctor). The medication causes necrosis of warts. This is dangerous for normal skin. It is strictly prohibited to use podophyllotoxin in pregnant women!
–         Imiquimod – one more topical medication. It does not cause a toxic effect, but increase your immunity to fight against infection. The method is less effective than the previous.
–         Interferon – more effective than imiquimod, but this effect is inconsistent.

There are some more metods, but they are less effective and have not been totally proven.

Understand that there is not one correct answer to the question: “How to get rid of genital warts fast?” In each case, the best way of treatment can vary. Anyway, it would be better to consult a doctor if you suspect you have genital warts.

Remember that in 30% cases warts appear again after period of time. There is not any absolutely effective and harmless method of treatment.

Prevention of genital warts

Finally, it is better to prevent the infection, than search how to get rid of genital warts. Because HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, it is very important to save your sex life using condoms. Other way, virus can find way into your skin even when you are kissing or having oral sex.

Nowadays, a HPV vaccine was found. But it is effective only as preventive method. The vaccine can protect against HPV people, who have never met with papillomavirus (ideally, before they begin their sexual activity).


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